Why You Need Lawn Sprinkler System Maintenance

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    Lots of homeowners overlook sprinkler system maintenance.

    But if you want to keep your sprinklers in good condition and save money on large repairs, annual maintenance is the best choice for your residential system. This will let your sprinklers last longer and give your lawn more accurate watering.

    Take a look at this guide to learn why you shouldn’t forget about your lawn sprinkler system this year.

    Lawn Sprinkler System Problems

    If you don’t understand your lawn sprinkler system, you might not notice when it needs maintenance. You should always keep an eye out for these sprinkler issues, especially during the summer when you use your sprinklers most often.

    Here’s a quick list of the most common sprinkler system problems and how to recognize them.

    Clogged Sprinkler Head

    Dirt, grass clippings, and other debris can get into your sprinkler head and clog it. A clogged sprinkler can’t disperse the water over your lawn in an even spray. It might cover some sections of the lawn in too much water while other parts don’t get enough.

    Sometimes the clog gets so bad the sprinkler head will rise but be unable to spray any water. A clogged sprinkler head may not lower after it’s finished water the lawn.

    If there are pools of water around the sprinkler head or if the sprinkler head has an irregular spray pattern, there’s a good chance you’re dealing with a clog.

    Broken Sprinkler Head

    You can break sprinkler heads on accident if you install them too high. It’s easy to run over them with a car tire or hit them when you’re mowing the lawn.

    Sprinklers with broken heads might not rise when you turn on the system. If you think your sprinkler heads might be broken, you can give each one a visual inspection to check for cracks or dents.

    Sprinkler System Leaks

    As your sprinkler system gets older, the parts will start to wear down. If you don’t keep up with the right maintenance, you could end up with a few different types of leaks.

    These leaks could be the result of a damaged water line, fitting, spray head, rotor, or valve.

    A leak might form puddles of water in random places on your lawn. You can also spot a leak by looking for water squirting out of places it shouldn’t be.

    Why Sprinkler Maintenance Is Important

    Giving your grass enough water in the right places is an integral part of a healthy lawn. If your sprinkler system is broken, your lawn could be full and luscious in some sports and dry and brown in others.

    But the bigger problem with sprinkler problems is wasted water.

    If your sprinkler heads are clogged and shooting water in irregular patterns, it could spray on the walkways, driveway, or front porch. The only thing you accomplish with watering the pavement is wasting money.

    A single sprinkler leak and waste a cup of water every minute. That’s over 19,000 gallons in six months. Water is expensive, and maintaining your sprinkler system ensures you spend only what you use.

    The Best Time of Year to Get Sprinkler Maintenance

    You should have a professional landscaping company at least twice a year, whether or not you have a lawn sprinkler system. The first of these visits should be in early spring. This will allow them to spot and repair any damages before the summer. It’s a good idea to get a mid-season tune-up as well as a end of season maintenance to get ready for the cold!

    Are you ready to schedule some landscaping maintenance? Take a look at our maintenance services.

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