Gresham Landscape Construction Services

Gresham Landscape Construction Services

Whether you call it landscape construction, landscape installation, landscape design, or hardscape installation – or it’s all landscaping to you – we do it.

Are you looking to do a whole landscape redesign? Make an upgrade to your already-existing landscape – hardscape or softscape? Want to modernize your residential or commercial property’s look? Valley View Landworks is a Gresham landscape construction services company with the experience, the equipment, and the people to get your Gresham landscape construction job done right. On a budget? We are happy to work with you.

Below is a (non-exclusive) list of the landscaping construction jobs that we can do. If your job isn’t on this list – give us a call! There’s a good chance we can help, or we will be glad to put you in touch with someone who can. Check out the photos of our work for examples of what we’ve done before.

Valley View Landworks’ Gresham Landscape Construction Services

Outdoor living space example 1
Outdoor living space example 1
Outdoor living space example 1
Outdoor Living Spaces
If you’re thinking about installing an outdoor kitchen, poolside relaxation space, or any gathering place that can be used year-round, we can help. Does having dinner together outside, maybe even cooking it in your very own pizza kitchen sound appealing? We think so, too! Let’s have a conversation on how we can help you transform the patio that came with your home into an outdoor living room you can enjoy with friends and family. From design to complete installation, we are a Gresham landscaper with the equipment and experience you need for your project to come out just like you imagine it.
Retaining Walls
Retaining wall example 1
Retaining wall example 2
Retaining wall example 3
Beyond turning a slope into something more attractive, retaining walls can free up a lot of valuable space. Proper drainage behind and below the wall are essential, but building an excellent retaining wall means making something that lasts and will look great. Natural stone, segmental bricks, ornamental metal, or rough-hewn cedar planks – we have experience with it all. Regain more usable space on your property, terrace your sunny garden areas, or define sloping front yard boundaries with a myriad of products and techniques.
If you are a fan of boulders either for their aesthetic appeal or their retaining wall capabilities, or both, but aren’t sure how you’d get them where you want them – look no further. We have all the heavy equipment needed to move boulders of any size.
Fencing and Decking
When you’re outside (for fun at least), you’re probably spending most of your time on your deck. You notice the loose and rotting boards, and always think that you should probably get around to replacing them sometime soon. Don’t wait! Of course decks can be dangerous if not properly built and maintained, and we can help you get yours replaced or repaired with quality materials that will last. Please note: this is not a service we offer independently, but we subcontract to professional carpenters if the job requires it. If your project only involves carpentry, we are happy to put you in touch with the right people for the job.
The people at Valley View Landworks are experienced in the installation of low-voltage lighting solutions for outdoor living spaces, patios, and driveways. Pathway lights, stairway illumination, and water feature highlighting can make any evening BBQ transform into a sundown mixer. We can even integrate smartphone controls through your home’s WiFi connection!
Patio example 1
Patio example 2
Patio example 3
10 feet by 10 feet. That’s the industry standard for builders to include in new home construction packages for your backyard. Let us help you fit your family to a well-proportioned patio, maybe add some seatwalls and a fire pit, too! To make a patio that will last a lifetime – and look good, too – you need to know what you’re doing, and have the right tools for the job. As a professional Gresham landscaper, we do.
Pathway example 1
Pathway example 2
Pathway example 3
If you’re tired of stepping in the wet and mud to get from point A to point B outside, we can design and install a beautiful pathway to help you get around. We’re often adding pathways of all sorts connecting front and back yards, going across lawns, or even creating staircases down severe slopes.
If your old driveway is cracked and falling apart, we have the equipment to excavate it for you. But we won’t leave you there – we can also pour a new driveway in concrete of all types and colors, or we can go with a more classic paver brick approach. Our Gresham landscape construction services are certainly not limited to the lawn and garden.
If your grass needs a fresh start, we can set you off on the right foot. With over 20 years of experience, we know what it takes to get a lawn growing right. After the installation, we can help you with professional lawn care services to keep your grass looking great.
If you don’t like watering – but you really need to – let us help. Our crew can install an irrigation system that you can program to do it all for you. Whether it’s a flower bed, a lawn, or a vegetable garden, we can install an irrigation system which will keep your plants green and healthy.
If you’re worried you might be wasting money and resources by applying too much water, we can integrate stormwater run-off from your gutters! How about a sprinkler system that waters only when necessary using an on-site weather station? Both are more cost-effective than you’d guess, and can even generate rebates in select water districts.
In Gresham, your landscape must be designed for the rain, and plenty of it. We are able to excavate and install drainage systems both large and small to take care of your gathered water, whether a puddle or a small lake.
Water Features
Water feature example 1
Water feature example 2
Water feature example 3
The sound of running water has the ability to melt stress away. Depending on the size of a water feature, it can even drown out road noise! Koi ponds to pondless bubblers – we’ve built them all. We would love the opportunity to fold one into your existing landscape, or it can be the centerpiece of your entire backyard. Worried about costs? New magnetic drive pumps reduce annual water feature operation costs in half, or more! Contact us to learn more.
Tree and Shrub Replacement
If your plants are overgrown or just in the wrong spot, we’re here to trim them, move them, or get rid of them completely. For whatever we take out, we can also find a great replacement.

We not only build your landscape, we help you design and maintain it as well.

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And to get your creative juices flowing, check out this video of a simple front yard landscape redesign project

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